• Mutations in DCC Cause Congenital Mirror Movements

    Humans who display involuntary symmetrical limb movements carry mutations in a gene required for nerve growth across the midline.

  • DNA Returned to Tribe, Raising Questions About Consent

    After a 6-year legal battle, Arizona State University has now agreed to return more than 100 DNA samples to the Havasupai, a tiny tribe of Native Americans who charged that their DNA had been collected by university researchers without proper consent, and pay $700,000, among other concessions.

  • From the Science Policy Blog

    ScienceInsider reported this week that NASA Administrator Charles Bolden told a Senate spending panel that space science could suffer if the U.S. Congress forces NASA to stick with the Constellation program, among other stories.

  • Genotype to Phenotype: A Complex Problem

    In yeast, the impact of gene knockouts depends on genetic background.

  • From the Science Policy Blog

    ScienceInsider reported this week that the U.S. Department of the Interior, which sells the oil and gas leases on the outer continental shelf, announced that the U.S. Geological Survey would carry out a scientific review of drilling in the Chukchi Sea by 1 October, among other stories.

  • From Science's Online Daily News Site

    ScienceNOW reported this week that when social fear disappears, so does racism; cholesterol is genetically linked to age-related macular degeneration; our universe may live inside a wormhole; and Earth-like planets may abound in the Milky Way; among other stories.

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