• On the Origin of Sexual Reproduction

    Why sex? In the sixth essay in Science's series in honor of the Year of Darwin, Carl Zimmer explores why so many species take such a labyrinthine path to reproduction, when straightforward routes are available.

  • Debating Reality and Relevance

    Anthropologists, historians, geneticists, philosophers, and bioethicists explore what recent and current research on human genetics implies about the concepts of race and racial difference.

  • Group Calls for Rapid Release of More Genomics Data

    In 1996, at a meeting in Bermuda, researchers participating in the Human Genome Project agreed to release DNA sequence data daily into a public database. Now pressure is mounting to extend the Bermuda Principles to a broad range of publicly funded projects that go beyond sequencing.

  • Stressed Out Over a Stress Hormone

    The hormone ABA lets plants handle rough times and holds promise for making drought-resistant crops, if only researchers could nail down its molecular partners.

  • The Genetic Structure and History of Africans and African Americans

    A genetic study illuminates population history, as well as the relationships among and the origin of major language families.

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