• Conservation and Rewiring of Functional Modules Revealed by an Epistasis Map in Fission Yeast

    Comparison of genetic wiring in two types of yeast reveals that protein complexes are conserved, but the interactions between them can change radically between species.

  • Species-Specific Transcription in Mice Carrying Human Chromosome 21

    An aneuploid mouse carrying a human chromosome shows that genetic sequence can dominate epigenetic, cellular, and organismal effects in determining transcriptional regulation and gene expression.

  • Environmental Genomics Reveals a Single-Species Ecosystem Deep Within Earth

    DNA sequences in water samples from a depth of 2.8 kilometers in a South African gold mine reveal the presence of a thermophilic microbe that can fix its own nitrogen and carbon.

  • High-Quality Binary Protein Interaction Map of the Yeast Interactome Network

    Comparison of existing methods for mapping protein-protein interactions in yeast cells shows that the high-throughput approaches are complementary to one another.

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