• Green Evolution and Dynamic Adaptations Revealed by Genomes of the Marine Picoeukaryotes Micromonas

    An anciently derived clade of photosynthetic picoeukaryote, ubiquitous in the world's oceans, possesses surprising genetic diversity.

  • Leishmania Exploit Sex

    Leishmania are the last of the three major groups of trypanosomatid parasites to give up their secret--a healthy capacity for genetic exchange.

  • Science Gold Mine, Ethical Minefield

    Health agencies launched a system 40 years ago to identify babies at risk. Now there are millions of blood samples in files that researchers want to access, raising public concern.

  • Emerging Market Organisms

    For each species (or group), the authors describe possible applications in lab research; summarize husbandry, genetics, and genomics; list other resources; and provide basic protocols for work with the organism.

  • For Congress and NIH, Headaches Ahead on Stem Cells

    With his long-awaited 9 March executive order lifting restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research, President Barack Obama has opened the door to some political fighting as nasty as any that has been seen so far on the subject of research with human embryonic stem cells.

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