• Identifying Autism Loci and Genes by Tracing Recent Shared Ancestry

    A genetic analysis of autism in closely related individuals suggests that defects in proteins that control neural activity may produce this cognitive disorder.

  • Modernizing the Modern Synthesis

    Seventy years ago, evolutionary biologists hammered out the modern synthesis to bring Darwin's ideas in line with current insights into how organisms change through time. Some say it's time for Modern Synthesis 2.0.

  • ‘Biased’ Viruses Suggest New Vaccine Strategy for Polio and Other Diseases

    Introducing hundreds of seemingly inconsequential mutations into a poliovirus can cripple the virus enough to make it work as a live vaccine in mice, scientists report on page 1784 of this week's issue of Science. The technology might lead to safer polio vaccines and perhaps to so-called live attenuated vaccines against other diseases.

  • Paleo-Eskimo mtDNA Genome Reveals Matrilineal Discontinuity in Greenland

    Ancient human DNA sequences from Greenland suggest that the earliest inhabitants of the far north were from a lineage distinct from extant Native Americans and Eskimos.

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