• Species-Specific Transcription in Mice Carrying Human Chromosome 21

    An aneuploid mouse carrying a human chromosome shows that genetic sequence can dominate epigenetic, cellular, and organismal effects in determining transcriptional regulation and gene expression.

  • Environmental Genomics Reveals a Single-Species Ecosystem Deep Within Earth

    DNA sequences in water samples from a depth of 2.8 kilometers in a South African gold mine reveal the presence of a thermophilic microbe that can fix its own nitrogen and carbon.

  • Romping Through Maize Diversity

    A computer whiz turned geneticist borrows tactics from Wal-Mart and cattle breeders to manage what may be the world's largest genetic analysis.

  • High-Quality Binary Protein Interaction Map of the Yeast Interactome Network

    Comparison of existing methods for mapping protein-protein interactions in yeast cells shows that the high-throughput approaches are complementary to one another.

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