• Paleo-Eskimo mtDNA Genome Reveals Matrilineal Discontinuity in Greenland

    Ancient human DNA sequences from Greenland suggest that the earliest inhabitants of the far north were from a lineage distinct from extant Native Americans and Eskimos.

  • 'Biased' Viruses Suggest New Vaccine Strategy for Polio and Other Diseases

    Introducing hundreds of seemingly inconsequential mutations into a poliovirus can cripple the virus enough to make it work as a live vaccine in mice, scientists report on page 1784 of this week's issue of Science. The technology might lead to safer polio vaccines and perhaps to so-called live attenuated vaccines against other diseases.

  • Building the Tree of Life, Genome by Genome

    Cheaper sequencing has put many more genes into the hands of researchers trying to sort out the degree of relatedness of a menagerie of organisms. Thanks to one such "phylogenomic" analysis reported on page 1763 of this week's issue of Science, bird guides may never be the same.

  • Abuzz About Behavior

    Researchers are tracking down the genes underlying variations in alcohol dependence, sleepiness, and other behaviors by studying specially bred fruit flies.

  • Out of Thin Air

    On a volcano, microbiologists take a trip back through time to understand how microbes help restart life on lava fields and regulate the air we breathe.

  • Learning Much from a Bug's Life

    Through stories on the biology, studies, and uses of Escherichia coli bacteria, the author offers lay readers an illuminating perspective on life, evolution, bioscience, and biotechnology.

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