• Romping Through Maize Diversity

    A computer whiz turned geneticist borrows tactics from Wal-Mart and cattle breeders to manage what may be the world's largest genetic analysis.

  • High-Quality Binary Protein Interaction Map of the Yeast Interactome Network

    Comparison of existing methods for mapping protein-protein interactions in yeast cells shows that the high-throughput approaches are complementary to one another.

  • A Mutation in Hairless Dogs Implicates FOXI3 in Ectodermal Development

    Mutations in a transcription factor gene involved in ectodermal development cause a lack of hair and abnormal teeth in Chinese Crested, Mexican, and Peruvian hairless dogs.

  • First Gene for Severe Dry Macular Degeneration

    This week, researchers report the first genetic variant linked to slightly higher risk for severe "dry" age-related macular degeneration, one of the two advanced forms of the disease that robs tens of millions of elderly people of their vision.

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