• Delicious Tales of Guinea Pigs, Etc.

    This account for lay readers approaches the history of heredity and genetics through influential examples of the organisms that biologists studied in developing our current understanding.

  • The Physcomitrella Genome Reveals Evolutionary Insights into the Conquest of Land by Plants

  • How'd We Do?

    Some of last year's predictions panned out this year, especially the work that led to the Breakthrough of the Year, but other areas are progressing more slowly.

  • Trials of NIH's AIDS Vaccine Get a Yellow Light

    Last week, the U.S. National Institutes of Health's AIDS Vaccine Research Subcommittee met here to discuss the future of an AIDS vaccine made by NIH after a test of a similar vaccine found that it may have actually increased some people's risk of becoming infected with HIV.

  • Human Genetic Variation

    Equipped with faster, cheaper technologies for sequencing DNA and assessing variation in genomes on scales ranging from one to millions of bases, researchers are finding out how truly different we are from one another.

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