• Editing of Targeted Genes Proved Possible in Monkeys

    Using a recently developed genome-editing technique called CRISPR, a Chinese team has successfully altered two target genes in cynomolgus monkeys, paving the way for the development of monkey models that mimic human diseases.

  • Exome Sequencing Links Corticospinal Motor Neuron Disease to Common Neurodegenerative Disorders

    Analysis of hereditary spastic paraplegia genes identifies mutants involved in human neurodegenerative disease. [Also see Perspective by Singleton]

  • The Epigenetics Heretic

    Michael Skinner's claim that chemicals can cause changes to gene expression that persist across multiple generations of animals has stirred excitement—and outrage.

  • The Second Act

    After his first turn on the world stage ended in scandal, Woo Suk Hwang has quietly rebuilt his scientific career.

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