• Mysterious Ribosomopathies

    Ribosomes are essential in all cell types, yet mutations to ribosomal proteins or assembly factors cause tissue-specific disease.

  • Random Sample

    To help slow the spread of the ash dieback fungus in the United Kingdom, scientists launch a new Facebook-based game in which players help identify genetic variations in the genomes of both fungus and trees. And the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology announces its "BioArt" winners for 2013.

  • Global Epigenomic Reconfiguration During Mammalian Brain Development

    A genome-wide map shows that DNA methylation in neurons and glial cells changes during development in humans and mice. [Also see Perspective by Gabel and Greenberg]

  • Sequencing Y Chromosomes Resolves Discrepancy in Time to Common Ancestor of Males Versus Females

    Global diversity in the Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA coalesce at approximately the same times in humans. [Also see Perspective by Cann]

  • Low-Pass DNA Sequencing of 1200 Sardinians Reconstructs European Y-Chromosome Phylogeny

    Local human demographic history is inferred from in-depth DNA sequence analysis of Sardinian men's Y chromosomes. [Also see Perspective by Cann]

  • Is There Social RNA?

    The idea that RNA can be transferred between organisms and function in communication and environmental sensing is discussed.

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