• Genes for Extremes

    The first two snake genomes, published this week, reflect the amazing evolutionary tales of a prey-crushing python and a venomous cobra.

  • Fred Sherman (1932–2013)

    A geneticist championed baker's yeast as a model system and inspired and trained many scientists in the field.

  • The Life Force

    Step by grueling step, Jack Szostak is pushing through the barriers that keep him from his goal: making living cells from scratch in the lab.

  • Genomes from Metagenomics

    Metagenomic approaches are rapidly expanding our knowledge of microbial metabolic potential.

  • The Man Who Bottled Evolution

    Richard Lenski's 25-year experiment in bacterial evolution shows no signs of running out of surprises about how mutation and selection shape living things.

  • Old Dogs Teach a New Lesson About Canine Origins

    By comparing the mitochondrial genomes of 18 ancient canids with modern dogs, wolves, and coyotes, researchers conclude that dogs were domesticated first in Europe from a lineage of gray wolves that no longer exists.

  • Complete Mitochondrial Genomes of Ancient Canids Suggest a European Origin of Domestic Dogs

    Ancient DNA suggests that dog domestication was complex and likely originated in Europe.

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