• Random Sample

    Scientists have now confirmed a long-held suspicion: Penguins prefer to swim because being both a diver and a flyer is costly and inefficient. And researchers have determined that French King Louis XVI carried genetic risk factors for diabetes, obesity, and bipolar disorder.

  • Ribosomal Protein SA Haploinsufficiency in Humans with Isolated Congenital Asplenia

    A rare human disorder, characterized by the absence of a spleen at birth, is associated with mutations in a ribosomal protein.

  • Following the Flavor

    Scientists are beginning to unravel why we love some types of food and hate others. It's a vastly more complex topic than they once thought.

  • Random Sample

    When settlers in the Jamestown, Virginia, colony ran out of food in the winter of 1609, some contemporary records suggest they resorted to eating each other. Now, scientists have found the first physical evidence that they did. And rumors surrounding a bizarre 6-inch-long skeleton have been put to rest with scientists confirming that the specimen is human.

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