• Random Sample

    A new study estimates that dengue is more prevalent than previously thought, and fans of the television series Game of Thrones can ponder a new hypothesis: The show's setting may be a world that orbits two stars instead of one.

  • Fluttering From the Ashes?

    A century after the last passenger pigeon died, scientists are embarking on a controversial effort to resurrect the bird's distinctive traits—if not the species itself.

  • Random Sample

    President Barack Obama announced the $100 million BRAIN Initiative, and researchers successfully tracked the world's largest creature—the Antarctic blue whale—using only its sound.

  • Return of Unexpected DNA Results Urged

    The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics recommends patients be told whether their genes put them at risk of serious disease in the future—even if they don't want that information now.

  • The Downside of Diversity

    Increasing genetic evidence that tumors contain a heterogeneous mix of cells may explain why cancer treatments often fail.

  • Random Sample

    President Barack Obama touted his proposed energy research funding plan before a crowd of sequester-anxious, government-funded researchers at the Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, and the Wellcome Library in London has put together a Web site that tells the story behind the discovery of DNA's structure and the biological revolution it signaled.

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