• Global Gene Deletion Analysis Exploring Yeast Filamentous Growth

    Yeast genes involved in the dimorphic switch between cell budding and filamentous growth types are identified.

  • Genomics' Big Talker

    A self-taught programmer turned bioinformatician is playing a big role in shaping how researchers perceive and use DNA sequence data.

  • A GPS for Navigating DNA

    The integration of DNA variation information with molecular and cellular data may help to elucidate disease mechanisms.

  • Systematic Localization of Common Disease-Associated Variation in Regulatory DNA

    Genetic variants that have been associated with diseases are concentrated in regulatory regions of the genome.

  • ENCODE Project Writes Eulogy for Junk DNA

    This week, 30 research papers, including six in Nature and additional papers published online by Science, sound the death knell for the idea that our DNA is mostly littered with useless bases.

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