• Tracing a Translocation's Impact

    Wapner's narrative follows developments from the recognition of a chromosomal abnormality in cancer cells to the production of a targeted drug against what had been a lethal leukemia. [Also see Perspective by Rowley]

  • Herit-Ability

    A genome-wide association study reveals possible variants that influence the complex behavior of educational attainment. [Also see Report by Rietveld et al.]

  • GWAS of 126,559 Individuals Identifies Genetic Variants Associated with Educational Attainment

    Three genetic loci are found to explain variation associated with educational achievement. [Also see Perspective by Flint and Munafò]

  • A Story of Swapped Ends

    Forty years ago, a chromosomal translocation was discovered to cause leukemia and revealed cancer as a genetic disease. [Also see Book Review by Nadkarni]

  • On the Trail of Ancient Killers

    Armed with new methods, researchers are interrogating the DNA of centuries-old pathogens extracted from the bones and teeth of victims.

  • Ethics and Genomic Incidental Findings

    Laboratories have an obligation to report clinically beneficial incidental findings.

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