• Around the World

    In science news around the world this week, an Indian government advisory panel advocated wider acceptance of genetic engineering and biotechnology, a Japanese researcher's groundbreaking stem cell experiment has been questioned, a U.S. bioethics commission made recommendations for protecting patient privacy while allowing genome data to be used in research, a set of values and practices to promote responsible research conduct has been put forward, GlaxoSmithKline has announced a new policy for sharing clinical trial data, and a Texas cancer research agency has lost its peer reviewers.

  • New Way to Look at Life

    Computational biologists have come up with a tree that outdoes all trees, allowing users to drill down the tree's trunks, branches, and tips to view ever-finer details.

  • Mutations in BCKD-kinase Lead to a Potentially Treatable Form of Autism with Epilepsy

    When the balance of branched-chain amino acids transported into the brain goes awry, neurological deficits can ensue.

  • Genomic Variation in Seven Khoe-San Groups Reveals Adaptation and Complex African History

    Cutting-edge genomic approaches test hypotheses about the roots of human history in southern African indigenous populations.

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