• DNA Nanotechnology Grows Up

    Once dismissed as molecular parlor tricks, techniques for piecing ultrasmall structures together with DNA are starting to prove their worth in serious research.

  • Next Step: DNA Robots?

    After years of trying—and failing—to use DNA's ability to store and manipulate information to build a DNA computer, the field is finally advancing by going back to DNA's biochemical roots.

  • On the Trail of Brain Domestication Genes

    Researchers have found that the activity of a group of genes in the prefrontal cortex of bonobos was clearly "domesticated" compared with that of chimps, they reported at the Biology of Genomes meeting.

  • DNA Circles Cause Cow Coat Color Changes

    At the Biology of Genomes meeting, a geneticist reported what seems to be a new way that a cell shuffles its genes around: by forming a loop of DNA that then breaks apart in a different place before inserting into a different chromosome.

  • Disease Risk Links to Gene Regulation

    Two teams at the Biology of Genomes meeting reported that gene regulatory sites surprisingly often are the spots where single-nucleotide polymorphisms identified by genome-wide association studies fall.

  • Comparative Functional Genomics of the Fission Yeasts

    A combined analysis of genome sequence, structure, and expression gives insights into fission yeast biology.

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