• Epigenetics Linked to Inbreeding Depression

    Evolutionary ecologists have reversed inbreeding depression in Scabiosa columbaria, a long-stemmed plant common in European gardens, by short-circuiting DNA methylation, a key epigenetic mechanism, in seeds, they reported at the meeting.

  • A Gene for an Extended Phenotype

    An insect virus gene controls the behavior of the dying host to increase dispersion of the virus.

  • Mother Tongue and Y Chromosomes

    A global picture is emerging of sex-specific transmission of language change in quite different regions and continents.

  • Potential for Chemolithoautotrophy Among Ubiquitous Bacteria Lineages in the Dark Ocean

    Bacteria isolated from a deep seawater mass seem to fix carbon using energy from the oxidation of inorganic sulfur.

  • The Life Hacker

    He is a pioneer of genome sequencing, but Harvard University's George Church wants to do more than read DNA. He is changing the genetic code itself

  • Newsmakers

    This week's Newsmakers are volcanologist Donald Dingwell, who will become secretary general of the European Research Council, and cancer researcher Edison Liu, who will become the next president of the Jackson Laboratory.

  • A Denisovan Legacy in the Immune System?

    A study published online in Science this week suggests that mating between human ancestors and other now-extinct groups boosted the immune systems of early Europeans and Asians.

  • Around the World

    In science news around the world this week, FDA approved a gene-targeted melanoma drug, geologists hope to claim a piece of the Arctic for Canada, Dole Food Co. recently established a banana plantation in endangered elephant habitat, hints of the Higgs boson appear weaker, and the U.S. government issued new rules aimed at cracking down on financial conflicts of interest in biomedical research.

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