• A GPS for Navigating DNA

    The integration of DNA variation information with molecular and cellular data may help to elucidate disease mechanisms.

  • Systematic Localization of Common Disease-Associated Variation in Regulatory DNA

    Genetic variants that have been associated with diseases are concentrated in regulatory regions of the genome.

  • ENCODE Project Writes Eulogy for Junk DNA

    This week, 30 research papers, including six in Nature and additional papers published online by Science, sound the death knell for the idea that our DNA is mostly littered with useless bases.

  • Around the World

    In science news around the world this week, the InSight mission will probe the innards of Mars; an appeals court has ruled that patents on BRCA genes are valid; a federal court in Brazil has stopped work on the controversial Belo Monte Dam; India opened a $12 million, government-backed laboratory to create a new vaccine against HIV; and a controversial attempt to change the name of the U.S. National Science Foundation's Division of Mathematical Sciences is off the table for now.

  • Newsmakers

    This week's Newsmaker is physicist and radio astronomer Bernard Lovell, founder and first director of the Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire, U.K., who died at the age of 98.

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