• Identification of Functional Elements and Regulatory Circuits by Drosophila modENCODE

    The Drosophila modENCODE project demonstrates the functional regulatory network of flies.

  • Genetic Analysis Points the Way to Individualized PSA Tests

    Some men with high levels of prostate-specific antigen don't have prostate cancer, leading to unnecessary biopsies, and some with low PSA levels do. This week, a group in Iceland suggests individualizing healthy and high levels for each man tested by focusing on genetic variants that affect PSA levels.

  • The Runners-Up

    This year's runners-up for Breakthrough of the Year include a synthetic genome, the Neandertal genome, next-generation genomics, souped-up cellular reprogramming, exome sequencing, quantum simulators, molecular dynamics simulations, knockout rats, and HIV prophylaxis.

  • Scorecard


    Science's editors foresaw this year's advances based on research with induced pluripotent stem cells and exome sequencing and Obama's new direction for the U.S. space program, but other predictions were a mixed bag.

  • Areas to Watch

    In 2011, Science's editors will be watching the Large Hadron Collider, adaptation genes, laser fusion, broadly neutralizing antibodies, electric cars, and malaria shots.

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