• The Genome Project: What Will It Do as a Teenager?

    The 10th anniversary of the completion of the draft human genome sequence has been a time for celebration—and also for sober stock-taking. Eric Green, director of the U.S. National Human Genome Research Institute, discussed the institute's 10-year map with Science in an interview.

  • My Genome, My Identity, My Health

    While the human genome sequence is a reservoir for ground-breaking science and personal reflection, humans are much more than a genome.

  • A Celebration of the Genome, Part II

    This week's commentaries explore the impacts of sequence information on our understanding of ourselves, as well as looking at future directions for research and medicine.

  • My Genome

    The author explains the personal impact of having his genome sequence and his hopes that it will also benefit the people of South Africa.

  • An Anniversary Party

    The genome anniversary being celebrated commemorates an important announcement, but we still do not have a complete sequence.

  • Genome Literacy

    The transition from knowing small patches of the genome to having whole human genomes available to explore has been a unique experience.

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