• The Plant Cell Wall–Decomposing Machinery Underlies the Functional Diversity of Forest Fungi

    Comparative genomic analysis of “dry rot” fungus shows both convergent evolution and divergence among fungal decomposers.

  • Around the World

    In science news around the world this week, the Royal Society will be reluctantly playing the role of U.K. border guard, the U.S. government has added new protections for human subjects research, research activism and rural development have netted Blue Planet Prizes, the U.K. government is establishing a commission to help regulate experiments involving "animals containing human material," and Australian researchers under threat from pirates have enlisted naval muscle to plug a critical gap in climate monitoring in the Indian Ocean.

  • Around the World

    In science news around the world this week, two studies in sub-Saharan Africa have shown for the first time that anti-HIV pills protect uninfected heterosexuals, the United Kingdom's House of Lords Science and Technology Sub-Committee says it's going to take more than a "nudge" for people to change bad habits, vandals attacked a transgenic wheat test plot in Australia, and switching from paper to electronic communication may not help the planet as much as has been claimed.

  • Precise Manipulation of Chromosomes in Vivo Enables Genome-Wide Codon Replacement

    Template-mediated, genome construction and assembly created a strain with 80 precise codon changes.

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