• A Celebration of the Genome, Part IV

    The last installment of human genome anniversary “vignettes” covers topics ranging from the impact of this “big science” project on the rest of the research community, to the commonalities between art and science.

  • Systems Genetics

    Systems genetics is the next frontier in systems biology and medicine.

  • A Living Constitution

    Sequencing the human genome provided a powerful new way to represent human identity, and the moral implications of that re-representation are just beginning to unfold.

  • A Celebration of the Genome, Part III

    The tenth anniversary of the first publications of the human genome sequence provides an opportunity for a set of diverse thinkers to reflect on what the achievement has meant for themselves and their communities, as well as future directions.

  • Of Mice and Humans

    The technological advances catalyzed by the sequencing of the human genome have been highly beneficial to stem cell research.

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