• Does a Gene's Location in the Nucleus Matter?

    How the pattern of chromosomes and subnuclear bodies in the cell nucleus affects gene activity and other cellular functions is an enduring mystery in biology, one that won't be unraveled soon.

  • Around the World

    In science news around the world this week, Spanish researchers have been fighting the closure of a biomedical research center, Indian scientists have sequenced the genome of the pigeon pea, a Chinese spacecraft docked with a space lab module for the first time, the $125 million New York Genome Center has been launched, two small earthquakes in the northwest of England earlier this year were found to have probably been triggered by hydraulic fracturing, and a 520-day mock Mars mission was completed.

  • Life on the Fertile Frontier

    A study reported at the meeting has found that the first waves of European settlers to push into the wilderness of northeastern Quebec in the 17th and 18th centuries had more children than people who came later or stayed in central towns.

  • Diabetes Genes Decline Out of Africa

    A thorough analysis of all known genetic variants associated with type 2 diabetes reveals that Africans face the highest known genetic risk from this epidemic, according to a new report at the meeting.

  • X-tra Diversity for Africans

    Compared with Europeans and Asians, Africans have extra diversity on their X chromosomes, according to an invited lecture at the meeting.

  • An Activating Mutation of AKT2 and Human Hypoglycemia

    A key kinase in the insulin signaling pathway is constitutively activated in humans with a severe form of hypoglycemia.

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