• On the Trail of Brain Domestication Genes

    Researchers have found that the activity of a group of genes in the prefrontal cortex of bonobos was clearly "domesticated" compared with that of chimps, they reported at the Biology of Genomes meeting.

  • DNA Circles Cause Cow Coat Color Changes

    At the Biology of Genomes meeting, a geneticist reported what seems to be a new way that a cell shuffles its genes around: by forming a loop of DNA that then breaks apart in a different place before inserting into a different chromosome.

  • Disease Risk Links to Gene Regulation

    Two teams at the Biology of Genomes meeting reported that gene regulatory sites surprisingly often are the spots where single-nucleotide polymorphisms identified by genome-wide association studies fall.

  • Comparative Functional Genomics of the Fission Yeasts

    A combined analysis of genome sequence, structure, and expression gives insights into fission yeast biology.

  • Understanding HIV Latency to Undo It

    With reservoirs of latently infected cells in the spotlight as the central obstacle to a cure, attention is focusing on the fine details of how HIV does this deep dive and stays submerged.

  • EPA Proposal Would Exempt Some GMOs From Registry

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a draft rule that would exempt cisgenic organisms—which contain only genetic material from sexually compatible species—from the requirement to be registered with EPA before being field-tested or marketed.

  • Newsmakers

    This week's Newsmakers are Lewis R. Binford, champion of the use of the scientific method in archaeology, who died 11 April at the age of 79, and Patricia Ann Jacobs and David Page, winners of this year's March of Dimes Prize in Developmental Biology, which honors scientific research aimed at improving the health of babies.

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