• From the Science Policy Blog

    ScienceInsider reported this week that physicist and Representative Bill Foster (D–IL) lost his seat in last week's election as the Republican wave hit his conservative-leaning district, despite considerable financial support from colleagues at his district's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, where he worked for 22 years, among other stories.

  • Affordable 'Exomes' Fill Gaps in a Catalog of Rare Diseases

    A flurry of reports this year on new genes for rare diseases caused by a defect in a single gene takes advantage of cheap, next-generation DNA-sequencing technologies that make it possible to sequence the 1% of the genome that codes for proteins, known as exons.

  • Amicus Brief Unfriendly to Gene Patents

    The U.S. Justice Department surprised many last week with a sweeping new proposal arguing that "genomic DNA that has merely been isolated from the body without further alteration or manipulation" should not be eligible for patenting.

  • Genes Link Epigenetics and Cancer

    Recent reports that genes affecting chromatin structure are mutated in several types of solid tumors could help resolve the conundrum of whether so-called epigenetic changes are a cause or a consequence of disease.

  • Epigenetic Drugs Take On Cancer

    Armed with nearly $10 million raised by telethons, a research “dream team” hopes to prove that a new approach to cancer therapy can halt solid tumors.

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