• Targeted Investigation of the Neandertal Genome by Array-Based Sequence Capture

    Array capture of Neandertal DNA identifies amino acid substitutions that occurred after the split between humans and Neandertals.

  • The Genome of the Western Clawed Frog Xenopus tropicalis

    Assembly, annotation, and analysis of the frog genome compares gene content and synteny with the human and chicken genomes.

  • Analysis of Genetic Inheritance in a Family Quartet by Whole-Genome Sequencing

    Genomic sequencing of an entire family reveals the rate of spontaneous mutations in humans and identifies disease genes.

  • Mutations in DCC Cause Congenital Mirror Movements

    Humans who display involuntary symmetrical limb movements carry mutations in a gene required for nerve growth across the midline.

  • DNA Returned to Tribe, Raising Questions About Consent

    After a 6-year legal battle, Arizona State University has now agreed to return more than 100 DNA samples to the Havasupai, a tiny tribe of Native Americans who charged that their DNA had been collected by university researchers without proper consent, and pay $700,000, among other concessions.

  • From the Science Policy Blog

    ScienceInsider reported this week that NASA Administrator Charles Bolden told a Senate spending panel that space science could suffer if the U.S. Congress forces NASA to stick with the Constellation program, among other stories.

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