• Sequencing of 50 Human Exomes Reveals Adaptation to High Altitude

    Sequencing coding regions identified genetic changes that were likely involved in adaptation to hypoxia.

  • A Role for Epigenetics in Cognition

    The push to show that epigenetics can translate early life experiences into lasting changes in behavior has been accompanied by a parallel surge of interest in how chemical modifications to DNA can affect cognition.

  • From the Science Policy Blog

    ScienceInsider reported this week that the U.S. Supreme Court has said that the government shouldn't have banned the planting of genetically modified alfalfa pending completion of an environmental review, among other stories.

  • From Science's Online Daily News Site

    ScienceNOW reported this week that a deep sea may have once covered Mars, false peepers frighten predators, a genetic map of autism is coming into focus, and the New World may have been settled twice, among other stories.

  • Who Are the Jews? Genetic Studies Spark Identity Debate

    Two new studies conclude that most members of the far-flung Jewish Diaspora can trace their roots to ancestors who lived in the Middle East more than 2000 years ago, apparently refuting controversial claims that most of today's Jews descend from more recent converts.

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