• A Question of Balance

    Researchers have proposed that genes that code for proteins that are part of complexes are most likely to survive the purging that follows whole-genome duplications. Increasing evidence from the 9th International Plant Molecular Biology Congress and other meetings suggests that this so-called gene balance hypothesis may be correct.

  • A First-Generation Haplotype Map of Maize

    In maize, recombination in the genome has been a limiting factor affecting evolution and breeding efforts.

  • From Science's Online Daily News Site

    ScienceNOW reported this week on expert criticism of a nanoparticle study, additional support for a human role in China's devastating Wenchuan earthquake, and the findings that prosthetic limbs offer no advantage to sprinters and babies cry in their native language, among other stories.

  • Genome Sequence, Comparative Analysis, and Population Genetics of the Domestic Horse

    The horse genome reveals an evolutionary new centromere and conserved chromosomal sequences relative to other mammals.

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