• Genetic Control of Hotspots

    Both chromatin and DNA sequence account for individual differences in the location and frequency of genetic recombination.

  • After Acrimonious Debate, India Rejects GM Eggplant

    At a press conference here on 9 February, India's environment minister announced a "moratorium" on commercial release of what would have been India's first genetically modified food crop: varieties of eggplant, called brinjal in India, equipped with a protein from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis that's toxic to insect pests.

  • The Genetic Landscape of a Cell

    A genome-wide interaction map of yeast identifies genetic interactions, networks, and function.

  • From Science's Online Daily News Site

    ScienceNOW reported this week on a new calibration curve that extends radiocarbon dating back 50,000 years, a better design for suspension bridges, why fish gills evolved, and a way to make simple droplets of oil navigate complex labyrinths with the same skill as laboratory rodents, among other stories.

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