• Honors to Researchers Who Probed Atomic Structure of Ribosomes

    This year's Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to three scientists who revealed the atomic structure and inner workings of the ribosome: Ada Yonath of the Weizmann Institute of Science; Thomas Steitz of Yale University; and Venkatraman Ramakrishnan of the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

  • From Science's Online Daily News Site

    ScienceNOW reported this week that rooks comprehend basic principles of physics at the same level as a 6-month-old infant, monkey moms have Madonna moments, famous royals suffered from hemophilia, and humans lost much of their genetic diversity in two dramatic bottlenecks between 60,000 and 50,000 years ago, among other stories.

  • Life After GWA Studies

    Genome-wide association findings should be integrated into a wider scope of information, including biological processes and environments.

  • Unbiased Reconstruction of a Mammalian Transcriptional Network Mediating Pathogen Responses

    Inflammatory and antiviral programs in dendritic cells are controlled and tuned by a network of regulators.

  • Comprehensive Mapping of Long-Range Interactions Reveals Folding Principles of the Human Genome

    Chromosomes are organized in a fractal knot-free conformation that is densely packed while easily folded and unfolded.

  • From the Science Policy Blog

    ScienceInsider this week reported on the funding of three Energy Innovation Hubs, a study of dementia-related disorders in former players in the National Football League, a recent AIDS vaccine trial that may have been less successful than initially reported, and the U.K. Border Agency's decision not to determine nationality via DNA tests, among other stories.

  • Looking for a Target On Every Tumor

    Major cancer centers say they're getting ready to genotype every patient's tumor, hoping to match them with drugs specifically tailored to halt tumor growth.

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