Planetary Science

  • The geology of Pluto and Charon through the eyes of New Horizons

    Pluto and Charon display a complex geology, including evidence for tectonics and cryovolcanoes.

  • Pluto’s interaction with its space environment: Solar wind, energetic particles, and dust

    Pluto modifies its space environment, interacting with the solar wind plasma and energetic particles.

  • The atmosphere of Pluto as observed by New Horizons

    Pluto’s atmosphere is cold, rarefied, and made mostly of nitrogen and methane, with layers of haze.

  • Surface compositions across Pluto and Charon

    Pluto and Charon have surfaces dominated by volatile ices, with large variations in color and albedo.

  • The small satellites of Pluto as observed by New Horizons

    Pluto’s rapidly rotating small moons have bright icy surfaces with impact craters.

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