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Science  10 Aug 1945:
Vol. 102, Issue 2641, pp. 159
DOI: 10.1126/science.102.2641.159


The writer is embarrassed by his discovery that in revising a manuscript entitled "Chronic Intermittent Anoxia and Impairment of Peripheral Vision," an important paragraph was inadvertently omitted from the version which appeared in Science for June 15, 1945. In checking back it becomes evident that the omission arose in the author's final copy, and that the editors of Science are in no way responsible. The paragraph which should have been inserted between the two paragraphs of column 2, page 615, is as follows:

Serial determinations of alveolar gas tensions for each visual test day were carried out on sixteen of the twenty subjects by Dr. Wright Adams, but no relationship could be established with the impairment of peripheral vision. Similarly, in a smaller number of subjects no clear relationship could be established between the visual effect and renal vascular changes (Dr. Alf S. Alving), cardio-vascular changes (Dr. Emmet B. Bay), blood chemistry (Dr. Guzmán E. S. Barrón), psychiatric changes (Dr. Hugh T. Carmichael), electroencephalograms (Dr. Theodore Case), peripheral blood flow (Dr. Milton Landowne), certain metabolic effects (Drs. Henry T. Ricketts and A. Hughes Bryan), and certain additional neuropsychological indicators.

Through omission of the above paragraph, inadequate representation was given to the scope of the total war research project in which the psychological studies carried out by the writer constituted one aspect. In addition to their particular lines of investigation, each of the above men contributed generously of specialized knowledge and of time and energy to insure adequate clinical supervision of the experimental subjects and a valid interpretation of the impairment of peripheral vision as reported.