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Interference With the Antibacterial Action of Streptomycin by Reducing Agents

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Science  29 Mar 1946:
Vol. 103, Issue 2674, pp. 399-401
DOI: 10.1126/science.103.2674.399


The antibacterial activity of streptomycin in infusion agar plate cultures of E. coli and other bacteria is diminished by anaerobic incubation. The bacteriostatic activity of this antibiotic for E. coli is reduced in the presence of cysteine, sodium thioglycollate, stannous chloride, sodium bisulfite, sodium hydrosulfite, sodium formate, and sodium thiosulfate. Cysteine was the most active of the agents tested. Further investigation is necessary to determine the nature of this interference. It is possible that this phenomenon is related to the mode of action of streptomycin.