Canadian Men of Science

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Science  05 Feb 1954:
Vol. 119, Issue 3084, pp. 167-172
DOI: 10.1126/science.119.3084.167


Even by American standards, the farwestern universities of British Columbia and Saskatchewan have been outstanding producers of scientists.Next have been the small Maritime Province universities of Acadia and Mount Allison. The larger universities in Ontario and Quebec were much lower inscientific productivity, and the Roman Catholic schoolslowest of all. Nearly half of the Canadian scientistshave migrated to the United States, and, of those remaining in Canada, nearly half went to Ontario. Ofthe mathematicians, physicists, and psychologists, considerably more than half emigrated to the UnitedStates, whereas of the biologists, geologists, and chemists, considerably more than half remained in Canada.Two-thirds of Canada's future scientists go abroad forgraduate training. Teaching remains the dominantprofession for the top scientists, with some trend inevidence toward government and industry.