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Reduction of Serum Lipides andLipoproteins by EthionineFeeding in the Dog

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Science  20 Aug 1954:
Vol. 120, Issue 3112, pp. 317-318
DOI: 10.1126/science.120.3112.317


(i) The effects of daily oral administration of 125 mg of DL-ethionine upon the serum lipidesand lipoproteins of dogs were studied. (ii) The feedingof the ethionine resulted in a prompt reduction in thelevels of serum fatty acids, phospholipides, and cholesterol.

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At the end of 25 days, negligible amounts ofthese lipides remained in serum. (iii) A reduction inthe levels of low- and high-density lipoproteins alsoresulted from the feeding of ethionine. In general, theextent of reduction in all lipoprotein fractions paralleled that observed in lipides. (iv) The removal ofethionine from the diet led to a prompt restoration ofthe concentrations of all lipide and lipoprotein constituents to normal.