Errata for Volume 123

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Science  24 Feb 1956:
Vol. 123, Issue 3191, pp. 323
DOI: 10.1126/science.123.3191.323


In the article "Pronuclear fusion as affected by x-rays and by postirradiation anaerobiosis," by C. S. Bachofer, in the issue of 27 Jan., page 139, the last sentence in column 1 should begin "The term ¼-fused is used to designate ...," not "The sum ¼-fused . . ." as printed.

In the article "Magnetic techniques for in vitro isolation of leucocytes," by Sumner Levine, in the issue of 3 Feb., page 186, the equation should read µ √n(n+2)=4.90 Bohr magnetons, instead of as printed with the square root sign covering the last part of the equation.