Corrections and Clarifications

Lamont Natural Radiocarbon Measurements III

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Science  05 Oct 1956:
Vol. 124, Issue 3223, pp. 630
DOI: 10.1126/science.124.3223.630-b


It has been brought to our attention that wedid not designate the correct collectors of severalof the samples reported in "Lamont radiocarbonmeasurements III" [Science 124, 154 (27 July1956)]. The following list gives the proper collectors for several samples in Table 4 under V. Arcticstudies: L192B, R. D. Cotell (1952); L261A,B,C,G. Hattersley-Smith (1953); L254A, L248A, R. L.Christie (1954); L254B,C,D, E. W. Marshall(1954); and L248B, G. Hattersley-Smith and A.P. Crary (1954).