Strontium-90 in Man

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Science  08 Feb 1957:
Vol. 125, Issue 3241, pp. 219-225
DOI: 10.1126/science.125.3241.219


The world-wide average strontium-90 content of man was about 0.12 micromicrocurie per gram of calcium (1/10,000 of the maximum permissible concentration) in the fall of 1955. A few values as high as 10 times the average have been obtained.

This value is in accord with the predicted value based on fallout measurements and fractionation through the soilplant-milk-human chain.

With the present burden of strontium-90, this average level should rise to 1 to 2 micromicrocuries of strontium-90 per gram of calcium by 1970.