Effects of Thyroxin on Amino Acid Incorporation into Protein

Science  27 Feb 1959:
Vol. 129, Issue 3348, pp. 569-570
DOI: 10.1126/science.129.3348.569


The effect of thyroxin on the in vitro incorporation of dl-leucine-l-C14 into the protein of rat liver homogenates has been investigated. Both thyroxin pretreatment in vivo and thyroxin in vitro at a concentration of 1 x 10–5 M were found to increase the rate of amino acid incorporation. The increased activity following the thyroxin pretreatment in vivo was found to be localized in the mitochondrial fraction. It is suggested that the acceleration of metabolic rate characteristic of thyroxin action may be secondary to the stimulation of energy-requiring reactions such as protein synthesis.