Acetylcholine Effects of γ-Carbomethoxypropyltrimethyl-Ammonium Bromide

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Science  28 Aug 1959:
Vol. 130, Issue 3374, pp. 504-505
DOI: 10.1126/science.130.3374.504-a


γ-Butyrobetaine, in comparison with its methyl ester, γ-carbomethoxypropyltrimethyl-ammonium bromide, is biologically inert. When injected into mice and insects or assayed on the frog's rectus abdominis muscle, γ-carbomethoxypropyltrimethyl-ammonium bromide has pharmacological properties resembling those of acetylcholine. Although reported to be present in rat brain during the convulsions induced by dieldrin poisoning, γ-butyrobetaine has not been found in the nervous tissue of the roach after treatment with dieldrin.