Electrical System for Home Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy

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Science  09 Oct 1959:
Vol. 130, Issue 3380, pp. 915-916
DOI: 10.1126/science.130.3380.915


Energy storage has long been a problem in connection with home utilization of solar energy. A solution which utilizes solar semiconductor cells for conversion to d-c power is proposed. The d-c power is used to drive an alternator which is connected directly across the residential power lines. Thus a-c power is delivered to the power lines when a surplus of power is available in the home and is used in other parts of the power distribution system. At latitude 42°N there is 3 times more yearly energy recoverable than is used by an average residence on the basis of a 10-by-10-m collection area. At the present state of technical development the cost of such a large-area semiconductor solar cell would be prohibitive.