Magnetic Damping of Rotation of the Vanguard I Satellite

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Science  05 Feb 1960:
Vol. 131, Issue 3397, pp. 355-357
DOI: 10.1126/science.131.3397.355


Explicit integration of integrals of the type basic to comparison of observed and predicted values of the earth's mean total magnetic field reveals an error in the numerical integration recently employed by Raymond H. Wilson, Jr., in making such a comparison for the special case of Vanguard I. Correction of this error destroys the satisfactory agreement he found between the value implied by rotational damping and the theoretical value.

Continued numerical improvement of all parts of my previous report, based on later accumulation and rediscussion of data, has revealed several small random adjustments, including the arithmetical correction discussed by LaPaz. The consequent result remains a satisfactory agreement of the groundobserved geomagnetic dipole field with that deduced from rotational retardation of the Vanguard I satellite.