Two c-Type Cytochromes from Light- and Dark-Grown Euglena

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Science  05 Aug 1960:
Vol. 132, Issue 3423, pp. 357-358
DOI: 10.1126/science.132.3423.357


A pigment-protein complex can be extracted, in aqueous 2-percent digitonin, from Euglena grown in the light. When further fractionated by acetone and ammonium sulfate this flagellate yields a c-type cytochrome. By similar extraction of dark-grown, nonphotosynthetic Euglena, another c-type cytochrome can be isolated. The cytochrome from the light-grown Euglena- is like that of cytochrome c isolated from a photosynthetic bacterium. The cytochrome from the dark-grown Euglena is like cytochrome f found in the chloroplasts of higher plants.