Influence of Soil Oxygen Concentrations on the Development of Meloidogyne javanica

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Science  08 Sep 1961:
Vol. 134, Issue 3480, pp. 665-666
DOI: 10.1126/science.134.3480.665


Roots of tomato plants infected with Meloidogyne javanica were grown in soil subjected to oxygen concentrations of 21 percent, 5.5 percent, 3.5 percent, 2.0 percent, 0.6 percent, and 0 percent for 28 and 35 days. The lowest oxygen tension which still allowed development of the host and the nematode was 3.5 percent. Below this level the plant root growth, size of developing females, and production of nematode eggs were reduced. Nematode activity as measured bythe number of nematode galls on the roots of treated plants was sharply reduced at the 5.5-percent level of oxygen