Toxicity of Plankton to Cristispira Inhabiting the Crystalline Style of a Mollusk

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Science  23 Feb 1962:
Vol. 135, Issue 3504, pp. 664-665
DOI: 10.1126/science.135.3504.664


The crystalline style of Saxidomus giganteus supports a large population of Cristispira spp. which swim freely in it except near the functional end which impinges on the gastric shield. Here the style is frayed and mixed with ground food material, while amylolytic enzymes and an oxidase are released. Glucosone appears to result from oxidase activity. This proved toxic to cristispira in fairly high dilution. Several tests of the toxicity of extracts of plankton, which forms the food of Saxidomus, were made. In every case such extracts proved toxic.