Clay Mineralogy

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Science  16 Mar 1962:
Vol. 135, Issue 3507, pp. 890-898
DOI: 10.1126/science.135.3507.890


The structures of the clay minerals are reasonably well known, but greater detail and more precision are needed if the properties of clays and soils are to be fully understood. For example, the selective adsorptive and catalytic properties and the reaction with organic materials vary with the character of the clay mineral, but the structural factors that control such properties are not well understood. Research is urgently needed on the structure of pure clay minerals and on the reactions of pure clay minerals with organic and inorganic materials. Much past research on clay-mineral reactions has little fundamental value because the clay that was used was composed of a mixture of minerals which were not well characterized. It is not a simple matter to find pure samples of many of the clay minerals, and to a considerable extent progress depends on finding such pure minerals or preparing them in the laboratory.