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Wiesner Confirmed To Head New Science Office

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Science  27 Jul 1962:
Vol. 137, Issue 3526, pp. 270-272
DOI: 10.1126/science.137.3526.270

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The Senate last week unanimously approved the nomination of Jerome B. Wiesner as director of the newly established Office of Science and Technology. Wiesner's nomination occasioned his first formal appearance before a Congressional committee since he joined the administration as K,ennedy's special assistant for science and technology. He retains that post while serving as director of the new office and will also continue as chairman of the President's Science Advisory Committee (PSAC), an 18-member group of nongovernmental consultants drawn from science, industry, and education. He will also continue as chairman of the Federal Council on Science and Technology, which is the intra-governmental counterpart of the PSAC. In relations between science and government Wiesner probably occupies the most influential position in the country. Following are excerpts from his testimony before the Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee. (A limited number of complete transcripts may be obtained without charge from the committee at Room 4230, New Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C.).