Postsynaptic Potentials and Spike Patterns during Augmenting Responses in Cat's Motor Cortex

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Science  31 Jan 1964:
Vol. 143, Issue 3605, pp. 488-489
DOI: 10.1126/science.143.3605.488


Intracellular recordings and electroencephalograms were obtained from neurons of the motor cortex during augmnenting responses elicited by repetitive stimulation of its specific thalamic nucleus. The postsynaptic potentials during fully developed augmenting responses consistedf two depolarizing waves with two separate groups of spike dicharges of different latencies, the bases of the spikes, the so-called "firing-levels," sometimes shifting. This supports the concept that the postsynaptic potentials accompanying the augmentintg response consist of a primary response and a response of recruiting character.