Infrared Study of Selective Deuteration of Kaolinite and Halloysite at Room Temperature

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Science  03 Jul 1964:
Vol. 145, Issue 3627, pp. 47-49
DOI: 10.1126/science.145.3627.47


Deuteration of expanded hydrazine-kaolinite complex at room temperature shifts the infrared stretching frequencies of the inner-surface hydroxyls from 3695, 3670, and 3650 cm-1 to 2725, 2710, and 2698 cm-1, respectively, and the inner hydroxyls absorbing at 3620 cm-1 to 2675 cm-1. The OH-OD exchange for the inner-surface hydroxyls varies from 60 to 67 percent, whereas it is only 22 percent for the inner hydroxyls.