Amitrole Translocation in Agropyron repens Increased by the Addition of Ammonium Thiocyanate

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Science  31 Jul 1964:
Vol. 145, Issue 3631, pp. 497-498
DOI: 10.1126/science.145.3631.497


The mechanism for the enhancement of amitrole activity on quackgrass (Agropyron repens) by the addition of ammonium thiocyanate was studied. Absorption and translocation of C14-amitrole after applications to foliage were determined by a direct count of the radioactivity in the wash solution and plant extracts. Regardless of the time of application, the addition of ammonium thiocyanate did not alter the amount of C14-amitrole absorbed. Ammonium thiocyanate (5000 parts per million) greatly increased the amount of carbon-14 translocated. This increase may account for the greater herbicidal effectiveness of the mixture of amitrole and ammonium thiocyanate.