Induction of Several Adaptive Enzymes by Actinomycin D

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Science  30 Oct 1964:
Vol. 146, Issue 3644, pp. 661-663
DOI: 10.1126/science.146.3644.661


Although actinomycin D has been used to prevent protein synthesis in experiments of several hours' duration, its effects on the synthesis of adaptive enzymes which are induced over a period of several days have received less attention. Treatment of young rats with doses of actinomycin D, which permitted survival for a period of 5 days, resulted in marked increases in the activities of four hepatic enzymes known to be induced by cortisol: alanine transaminase, tyrosine transaminase, serine dehydrase, and tryptophan pyrrolase. Actinomycin D also induced responses of two of these enzymes in adrenalectomized rats.