Genetic Disparity and Cancer Induction by Normal Tissue Implants in Amphibia

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Science  04 Dec 1964:
Vol. 146, Issue 3649, pp. 1321-1322
DOI: 10.1126/science.146.3649.1321


Fifty percent of the implants of normal adult Triturus cristatus kidney made into the forelimbs of immature but postmetamorphic Xenopus laevis hosts initiated the formation of lymphosarcoma at the site of implantation. Donor-host genetic disparity as it relates to the intensity of the reaction, when homografts, heterografts, and xenografts are compared, appears to be one of several factors which play a role in the post-embryonic induction of both lymphosarcomas in Xenopus laevis and accessory limb structures in Triturus viridescens.