Antibodies against the Component Polypeptide Chains of Bovine Insulin

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Science  05 Feb 1965:
Vol. 147, Issue 3658, pp. 617-619
DOI: 10.1126/science.147.3658.617


Antibodies were produced in guinea pigs against A and B chains of bovine insulin; the chains were prepared by cleavage of all the disulfide bonds with sulfite. Antibodies against A chain reacted with A chain, but not with B chain or native insulin. Antibodies against B chain reacted strongly with both B chain and insulin, but not with A chain. Antibodies against insulin reacted strongly with insulin, weakly with B chain, and not at all with A chain. The results indicate that the insulin-reactive antibodies in antiserums to B chain and to insulin differ and are directed to differing individual antigenic regions of the insulin molecule.